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Samsung’s One UI 5.0 lets you disable RAM Plus feature

Samsung’s One UI has added a major update to its RAM Plus feature. With One UI 5.0, users can finally disable this feature.

Ram Plus feature uses the phone’s storage space to provide virtual memory. This virtual memory allows more apps to stay open in the background. This feature was first released on Galaxy A52s 5G in 2021. When this feature arrived, By default it uses 4GB of the phone’s storage space.

However, with Samsung’s One UI 4.1 Ram Plus feature lets customers choose how much memory to use as virtual memory. Users can choose the size of virtual memory starting from 2GB to 8 GB.

Samsung lets users to disable Ram Plus feature

With the second One UI 5.0 beta, Samsung will allow their users to disable Ram Plus feature entirely. Disabling this feature requires your phone to reboot to see the changes.

However, some features may change when the One UI 5.0 final build is released. So we can’t guarantee this feature will be included when Samsung’s One UI 5.0 is a public build. But Unlike Apple’s iPhone, Samsung provides customers with so much flexibility when using their smartphones.



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