29 May, 2024
Samsung Developing a New Tri-Fold Smartphone

Is Samsung Developing a New Tri-Fold Smartphone for Release?

In recent years, smartphones have undergone significant changes in their design and functionality. Many smartphone manufacturers are looking for new ways to innovate and offer unique features to their customers. In this context, rumors have been circulating that Samsung developing a New Tri-Fold Smartphone for Release.

Currently, Samsung offers two types of foldable phones: a hybrid smartphone-tablet and a clamshell phone. However, according to a recent tweet by tipster Yogesh Brar, it appears that a third form factor may be in the works.

Brar suggests that Samsung developing a new Tri-Fold smartphone, which would be a third form factor in addition to the existing hybrid and clamshell designs. He also reports that this device is expected to launch alongside the Fold 5 and Flip 5 later in the year. For those unfamiliar with tri-fold phones, they consist of three display panels that unfold to create a larger screen.

One way to conceptualize the tri-fold phone is as a variation of the Galaxy Z Fold, but with an additional display panel. Although this might seem like a stretch, it is actually feasible as Samsung had filed a patent for such a device in 2020. Thus, the possibility of Samsung bringing this patent to life is quite likely.

However, it is still uncertain whether the final product will resemble the device we envision or be entirely different. Therefore, it is advisable to approach this information with some skepticism for the time being. Hopefully, we will receive further information about the development of this phone in the future. In the meantime, do you think a tri-fold smartphone would pique your interest?


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