18 June, 2024
Nothing Phone 1

Imint and Nothing collaborate to enhance video stabilization on the Nothing Phone 1

Thanks to Imint’s Vidhance Video Stabilization Gen 4 technology, your Nothing Phone 1 can now record more stable video. Nothing has collaborated with Imint to incorporate the latter’s video enhancement software on its phone, which ought to significantly boost video capturing by removing errant motions.

With the help of an innovative stabilization engine, Imint’s Vidhance Video Stabilization Generation 4 eliminates undesired motion from video frame-by-frame. It combines with the Nothing Phone 1’s in-built OIS to amplify video capturing for improved outcomes. According to Imint, its software solution has improved memory processing and look-ahead processing to foresee user motion and intent when attempting to remove video artifacts.

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Speaking about the collaboration, Imint CEO Andreas Lifvendahl said, “Nothing and Imint both share a deep commitment to innovation through product design and technical excellence. Imint is pushing the boundaries of smartphone video quality, while Nothing is disrupting the established smartphone market through breakthrough design and performance.

Nothing has already been integrated Vidhance Video Stabilization on the Phone 1, according to the press release from Imint on the partnership. A recent firmware update (version 1.1.6) for the device added a few camera enhancements, including improved video stability.

Please let us know if you’ve updated the update on your device and have seen any enhancements in video stability. The update also added support for Google AR Core and a few Glyph interface upgrades. In our earlier article, you can find out more information about the software release.


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