22 July, 2024
NASA Unveils the Spacesuit to be Worn by Astronauts on the Moon

NASA Unveils the Spacesuit to be Worn by Astronauts on the Moon

NASA showcased the spacesuit that will outfit astronauts on their 2025 Moon mission earlier this week. During an event held at the Space Center Houston in Texas for media and students, Axiom Space unveiled a prototype of the suit developed for the Artemis III mission on Wednesday.

Aiming to improve mobility and provide additional safety against potential hazards on the Moon, Axiom Space created the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit (AxEMU) spacesuit. Although the prototype of the suit is dark gray, NASA’s Johnson Space Center tweeted that the ultimate version is expected to be “all-white.”

The AxEMU spacesuit is a significant improvement over the earlier Apollo-era suits used in the 1960s and 1970s. With a more flexible and adjustable fit, it allows astronauts to move more naturally and comfortably on the lunar surface, which is essential for long-duration missions.

Following its $228.5 million contract win to provide a “moonwalking system” in 2020, Axiom Space will persist in advancing the life support systems, pressure garments, and avionics of the spacesuit in anticipation of NASA’s planned journey to the lunar South Pole in 2025.

Lara Kearney, the manager of NASA’s Extravehicular Activity and Human Surface Mobility program, stated that “NASA is spearheading efforts to support the growth of the space economy by utilizing industry capabilities and NASA’s own expertise to provide safe, effective, and efficient moonwalking services.”

Although NASA is expected to be the initial and primary user of the new spacesuit, Axiom’s contract allows the company to seek out additional moonwalking clients, thereby promoting the burgeoning commercial market while also providing NASA with access to cutting-edge technology.

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