22 April, 2024
The iPhone 15 in Europe may not have SIM card trays

The iPhone 15 in Europe may not have SIM card trays

Upcoming iPhone 15 in Europe may not have SIM card trays to hold the SIM card. Instead, the SIM card may replaced by an eSIM (electronic SIM) technology. This potential change could have implications for how users in Europe activate and use their iPhones, as well as how they manage their mobile phone plans and data.

With the release of the iPhone 14, many iPhone users in the US were compelled to switch to eSIMs as a replacement for physical SIM cards. It appears that Apple may now extend this design decision to the European market, where iPhone 15 models may also lack a physical SIM card and instead rely solely on eSIM technology.

iGeneration reports that Apple may release the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro in France as eSIM-only devices, meaning that they would not have a physical SIM card slot. As there is no specific variant of the iPhone for France, this design choice could potentially apply to other European countries as well.

Switching to an eSIM-only design could offer some advantages to Apple, such as reclaiming internal space within the device for other components. Additionally, there may be potential benefits for waterproofing the device.

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The rumor of removing the SIM tray from iPhones is not new, as a similar rumor from December suggested that future models would only support eSIMs. Nevertheless, it is expected that Apple will continue to offer iPhones with physical SIM card slots for some time. In China, instead of eSIM support, iPhones sold in the country feature trays that can hold two SIM cards.


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