22 April, 2024
Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra Review: The Best Smart Watch In Years

There are several reasons you might desire the $799 (£849, AU$1,299) Apple Watch Ultra even if you’re not an endurance athlete. Its battery is larger, its titanium case is more robust, and its screen is twice as bright as the Apple Watch Series 8.

Apple has saved a few exclusive features for the Ultra that distinguish it apart from the rest of the Apple Watch line, much like the iPhone 14 Pro. A dual-frequency GPS for more precise tracking, additional microphones for better voice communications, and a customizable Action button for launching activities or switching between triathlon legs are also included.

For the first time ever, LTE connection comes standard on an Apple Watch. Because it has a cellular option, it stands out from many other sports and fitness watches that don’t. There is only one 49mm case size available for the Ultra, which may be too large for certain people to wear comfortably.

Furthermore, the Ultra is $400 more expensive than the 41mm GPS Apple Watch Series 8, which may make you question whether it is truly worth that much more.

Apple Watch Ultra design is big and bold

In every way, the Ultra is an upgraded Apple Watch. All the well-known components are present, but they’re bigger and bolder than in earlier models. Both the side button and the digital crown have housings that protrude from the case, making them simpler to use with sweaty, dusty, or glove-covered fingers.

Apple Watch Ultra

When I first took the Ultra out of the package, I worried that it might be too big and hefty for my wrist. Because it is made of titanium, though, it feels surprisingly light to wear. I can achieve a snug and cozy fit during the day even with the smallest watch strap that best fits my wrist size.

Apple Watch Ultra’s Action button has more features

The bold orange Action button is clearly visible on the left of the Apple Watch Ultra. It features an indentation that allows you to feel it beneath your thumb and sits flush with the case. This is my favorite new hardware feature on the Ultra, next to the bigger battery. Going back to an Apple Watch Series without one will be challenging.

From the Settings menu, you can tweak the button to do things like adding a waypoint, start the stopwatch, open the flashlight app, or jump right into one of your routine workouts without waiting for the “3, 2, 1” countdown.

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