18 June, 2024
iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max beat the Galaxy S22 Ultra in this feature

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is one of the best smartphones available in the market. It has a stunning 6.7-inch display and is considered the best display in a mobile phone.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max set a score of 15 on the display performance during the testing conducted by DisplayMate. After setting a record score on display performance, DisplayMate has awarded Apple’s newest flagship its highest display performance grade (A+).

According to DisplayMate, Apple has focused on enhancing the OLED’s absolute picture quality and absolute color accuracy through precise factory display calibration, which is “visually indistinguishable from perfect,” the site claims.

In Addition, DisplayMate discovered that the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s Super Retina XDR display can reach a maximum brightness of 2,300 nits. This is nearly twice as bright as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which has an identical display size and resolution, and about 500 nits brighter than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, according to Samsung’s own claims from earlier this year.

Apple’s most current top-end iPhone enhances the display of its predecessor despite having a similar size and resolution by introducing a number of new features, such as an always-on display mode and a new Dynamic Island centered on the phone’s sensor.

But given that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has supplanted its older sister as the winner of DisplayMate’s Best Smartphone Display award, it’s clear that it’s also substantially brighter than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Intriguingly, Apple claims that its latest flagship phone offers a brightness of up to 2,000 nits, yet DisplayMate was able to measure 2,300 nits.

Ironically, Samsung actually makes the panels that Apple uses in the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so we may anticipate that the company’s upcoming flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, will be at least as brilliant as Apple’s most recent model.


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