22 April, 2024
Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 might have better battery life

One thing most smartphone users want is to have better battery life on their phones. In recent years smartphone companies have included the last longing battery on smartphones. Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will have a better battery compared to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Smartphone battery life is still a subject of debate. Many people would adore it if feature phones could once again last for days on end, but that day hasn’t quite come. In actuality, we would be content with the battery life. That will allow us to use our devices comfortably at least until the end of the day, and possibly a little bit longer.

If the battery life of the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus isn’t up to your requirements, the good news is that you’ll be happy to find that their successors may experience an improvement. This is in accordance with a rumor from GalaxyClub.nl, which asserts that the battery life of both models might be increased.

Currently, the battery capacity of the Galaxy S22 is 3,700mAh, but according to GalaxyClub.nl, that capacity could rise by 200mAh to 3,900mAh. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus’ battery will receive the same upgrade, increasing by 200mAh from its forerunner to 4,700mAh. Although it’s unclear how this increase will be used in the actual world, bigger is always preferable in this situation.

According to the source, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s battery may not be upgraded and will likely retain the same 5,000mAh capacity as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Although we think that’s not a bad thing, we would still love to see an overhaul. Since none of this has been validated, do approach it with caution for the time being.

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