22 April, 2024

WhatsApp will prevent screenshots of images with the “View Once”

WhatsApp beta for iOS includes screenshot blocking for view once images and videos to some beta testers. With this feature, WhatsApp users will get more privacy on the images and videos set to “View Once”.

One of WhatsApp’s features is the ability for users to share images that are only seen once. This is helpful if you don’t want the other user to save the photo you sent them or for privacy concerns, but it has a drawback in that users can still screenshot the image.

Thanks to an imminent update to the “View Once” function, which will essentially prevent users from capturing screenshots of images that have been set to “View Once,” this will thankfully soon change. This indicates that going forward, you may anticipate greater privacy.

WhatsApp will block screenshots for images set to 'View Once"

If the user tries to find a workaround by using screen recording rather than a snapshot, it won’t work either because it looks that this update will prohibit screen recordings. Remember that this was discovered on the iOS version of WhatsApp, so we cannot guarantee that it will function similarly and be able to identify third-party screen recording apps on Android.

However, there are additional methods for preserving the image. Snapping a real photo of the image using a different phone or camera is one option. Regardless of the app being used, that would be fairly impossible to avoid, but we think it’s still preferable to nothing. We’ll have to wait a little while before the function becomes available to the general public as it was discovered in the beta.

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