22 July, 2024

Samsung launches the fastest LPDDR5X DRAM

Samsung has introduced the fastest LPDDR5X DRAM in the market, with data transfer rates of up to 8.5Gbps. The new memory chips produced by the business utilizing the 14nm EUV technology have already been approved for usage with Snapdragon Mobile platforms from Qualcomm. We expect to see these new DRAM chips inside future high-end smartphones and ultra-thin laptops.

Samsung reached maximum data transmission speeds of up to 7.4Gbps earlier this year and quickly surpassed that mark. The South Korean company was able to advance the release of LPDDR5X DRAM by more than a year. It’s because of closer collaboration with companies like Qualcomm. High-end smartphones and tablets from the upcoming year may employ these chips in conjunction with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

Along with premium smartphones, LPDDR5X DRAM is also utilized in servers, high-performance computers, laptops, and vehicles. As more autonomous cars gather and analyze a lot of data from sensors, Samsung has observed a strong surge in the use of LPDDR5X DRAM chips in the automotive industry. LPDDR DRAM can assist companies in lowering power consumption in the high-performance computing sector, which will lead to a much lower total cost of ownership.

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Strong coordination between memory and SoC makers is essential, according to Daniel Lee, Executive VP of the Memory Product Planning Team at Samsung Electronics, as LPDDR memory’s uses continue to expand beyond smartphones into AI and data center applications. To improve ecosystem preparation for upcoming LPDDR standards, Samsung will continue to aggressively collaborate with innovators like Qualcomm Technologies.

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