22 July, 2024
Microsoft Photo

Microsoft is Updating the photography app once again.

The application underwent a major facelift the previous year, but even more, modifications are on the way. Even though Microsoft may have updated its Photos app the year before to make it more cohesive with the visual style of Windows 11, the company is currently developing a new version that has a somewhat different appearance along with a few additional enhancements.

The new gallery view, which provides a different method to navigate through your photographs, is probably the modification that stands out the most to users. Microsoft’s Dave Grochocki explains in a blog post that the revised interface is designed to make it easier for users to browse through their collections of images, find the photos they are looking for, manage those photos, and view those photos. The next version of the app will also include enhancements to the “Memories” feature, although Grochocki’s blog post does not provide specifics of the changes that will be made.

The new app does come with one major drawback, though, and that is the inability to use the video editor that was previously available in the older software. If you want to trim videos, Grochocki suggests that you use Clipchamp, which is a video editing program that Microsoft began including by default in Windows 11 in March after purchasing the app the previous year. Having said that, the company continues to make the older version of the program, which is known as “Microsoft Photos Legacy,” available for purchase through the Microsoft Store. This version includes the software’s built-in video editor.

Beginning on Wednesday, the newly revamped Photos app will be made accessible to Windows Insiders through the Developer Channel. According to Panos Panay, who oversees devices and Windows for Microsoft, the update will become available to everyone else in the month of October. Maybe it will be released on the same day as some of the new Surface devices that were shown off at the event that Microsoft just announced will take place on October 12th.

While you wait for the new photographs app, you might want to check out the significant update that Microsoft rolled out to Windows 11 on Tuesday. This update included new features and improvements, such as enhancements to Snap Layouts and the addition of folders to the Start menu. Tom Warren provided comprehensive coverage of the announcement here.

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